The MonoBank Money Transfer Program
The MonoBank Transfer Program is a quick, inexpensive and safe way to send money any time of the day or night to over 145 countries. Funds can be sent to an individual within minutes using our unique two card program. Not only is MonoBank’s money transfer service easy to use, it's a great value!  Our fee is only US $4.00 per transfer regardless of the amount of money being sent.

Our service enables consumers, most of who are credited challenged and not fully served by traditional financial institutions, to transfer money around the world to their family and friends.

The MonoBank Prepaid Card system
The MonoBank prepaid credit cards are inexpensive to purchase and almost every one qualifies. There are no credit checks, bank account or employment required. Customers are Guaranteed Approval*

* Customer must supply a current address, telephone number and have a valid driver’s license or passport.


How It Works?

It’s Easy -
A MonoBank customer purchases two MonoBank prepaid credit cards. One of the cards is sent to the person that they wish to transfer money to. The customer then loads their card with the amount of money they want to transfer then goes online (or with a telephone call) and transfers the money onto the other card. The person receiving the money goes to the nearest ATM machine and withdraws the funds. It’s that easy and your cards can be used over and over again.

Besides using the cards for transferring money they can also be used to purchase goods and services throughout the world wherever Visa is accepted. Rent a car, book a flight or reserve a hotel room. You can even have your pay deposited directly on to your card and withdraw your money from ATM’s worldwide.

Our service is now available to credit challenged people throughout the world and will benefit West Indians, Asians, Africans, Central and Eastern Europeans, South Africans, Americans, South Americans, Canadians and others who are continually sending money to family and friends.

Today there are a bewildering array of choices that exist on the Internet for international money transfers and finding a fast, secure and inexpensive money transfer service is not always easy. Additionally the traditional money transfer organizations are an expensive option for most people with fees in the range of 10-15% of the funds sent.


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