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With the MonoBank PLC Prepaid Credit Card program, businesses can build their own affinity or loyalty debit card program without the necessity of credit score approvals. Businesses can also securely manage payroll while increase employee loyalty and morale with the secure Debit payroll program.

MonoBank MonoOne Loyalty Card Program

Businesses from start ups to large corporations can now benefit from online incentive programs designed to increase sales, generate referrals, build customer loyalty and improve employee performance. Many businesses rely on word of mouth to bring customers through their doors but keeping them listening is what truly counts. And providing customers with a good loyalty program will keep them coming back over and over again. Launching one will help you:

  1. Reward good customers.
  2. Track shoppers' purchase history.
  3. Increase foot traffic during slow periods.
  4. Increase revenue
  5. Build profitable, long-term customer relationships.

Whether your company is looking to reward your loyal customers, top sales people or distributors, MonoBank has a range of loyalty programs to drive results.

We customize cost-effective loyalty solutions that differentiate a company’s brand, and engage your customers like no other to effect measurable and profitable change in purchase behavior. MonoBank solutions include real-time loyalty programs, stored-value gift cards, multi-merchant loyalty programs and reward fulfillment services.  


MonoBank MonoOne Payroll Card Program

The MonoBank Payroll Card program is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional paper paychecks. Each employee can apply for an MonoBank Debit Card). Once they receive their card they can then instruct their employer to transfer their pay directly onto their Debit Card. The employee can then withdraw their pay at any ATM.

The MonoBank Debit payroll card is well suited for any organization and especially those companies with a widespread workforce, employees who may not have checking accounts or who are credit challenged, temporary employees, or employees who are seldom in the office.

MonoBank offers a generic (or "off-the-shelf") payroll card, as well as custom-designed cards. The generic payroll card is well suited for small payroll programs (as few as 500 cards) or for quick implementation of larger programs. Custom cards can be created with a company or organization's logo and graphics (subject to approval).

Employer Benefits

  • Eliminate the costs of paper production of checks and replacement of lost or stolen checks. (Industry ave. of a $1.90 per check).

Eliminate the cost of special disbursements, such as final paychecks, expenses etc.

  • Simplify payroll distribution for all categories of employees including the unbanked, contract, temporary/migrant, youth, part-time and remotely located workers.

Increase employee productivity by eliminating time-consuming off-site trips to cash paychecks.

  • Reduced check fraud, lost check replacement costs and stop payment costs.

No need for the employee to be present to collect their paycheck.

Employee Benefits

  • Savings: Payroll cards eliminate expensive check-cashing charges, often saving hundreds of dollars annually.

Safety: Payroll cards allow your unbanked employees to have a virtual “bank account” that they can access when and if they need it. No need to for the employee to carry large amounts of cash that could be lost or stolen.

  • Security: Account access is extremely secure and the employee’s funds are protected by a secret PIN.  Zero Liability policy ensures lost or stolen payroll card replacement, with full remaining card value.

Convenience: Immediate employee access to payroll funds on payday, with no need to have a checking account or any banking relationship. Employees also avoid the long line-ups at banks and cheque cashing stores.

  • Purchasing Capability: Employees can purchase goods and services up to the balance available in the card, at more than 24 million merchants worldwide who accept MasterCard and Maestro.

Access To Cash: Employees can access cash at over 800,000 ATMs worldwide as well as at select POS terminals.

  • No Requirements: There is no credit check or bank account required.

Easily check balances: The cardholder can easily check their card balance online or via our toll free bilingual voice-automated telephone system - toll free!