MonoBank PLC was founded with the vision of providing products and solutions to credit challenged prospects. The company’s mission is to provide a variety of products and services to the credit challenged and to continue to develop new first-to-market prepaid and debit card programs, building on consumer acceptance and brand recognition while ensuring customer satisfaction.

We know that each customer has specific needs. At MonoBank PLC, we strive to meet those specific needs with quality service and individual attention. We pride ourselves in giving customers the solutions they are looking for.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in London, England - MonoBank PLC offers products and services designed to meet the needs of the credit challenged and small business market in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

As an internet-based company, MonoBank PLC will conduct most of its operations online. Customers will be able to order their prepaid credit cards, review statements, pay their bills, and contact customer service - all online.

The company’s goal is to provide consumers with credit challenged characteristics with credit options never before available to them. The company’s easy to navigate website will guide customers through every step of the application process, with customized help suited to each individual’s requirements.

Additional services provided by MonoBank PLC include the following:
- Loyalty programs for consumers and businesses
- Payroll cards
- Gift Cards
- Low cost money transfer
- Off shore and USA based Virtual and Pre Paid Credit and Debit Cards for the unbankable

The primary goal for MonoBank PLC is to meet conservative revenue estimates that will be significantly increased through continuing growth and expansion in five years or less.