The MonoBank Prepaid credit card is ideal for people who;
  • - Are credit challenged, have gone bankrupt or do not have a bank account or are unemployed.
  • - Cannot obtain a regular credit card and do not like carrying cash.
  • - Want to buy goods and services on the Internet but do not feel safe using their regular credit card.
  • - Want to transfer money but find traditional methods too expensive.
  • - Have children in college and want to give them the money they need but also have want to have some control over spending as well.
  • - Want all the advantages of a regular credit card but do not like the debt associated with it.

The MonoBank Prepaid Credit Card features:

      • No credit check, bank account or
        employment required
  • Guaranteed approval*


The benefits of having a MonoBank Prepaid Credit Card:
  • - Shop or pay bills on the Internet or by telephone
  • - Purchase goods and services at retail stores worldwide
  • - Use it to rent a car, book a flight or reserve a hotel room
  • - Have your employer deposit your pay directly onto your card to save on check cashing fees
  • - Safer than carrying cash
  • - Withdraw cash at millions of ATMs worldwide
  • - Transfer money to family and friends
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For people with damaged or no credit history, prepaid credit cards are a smart choice.

* Customer must supply a current address, telephone number and have a valid driver’s license or passport.

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